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A French Quarter Mystery


A Corpse in the Cafe

The spotlight should have been on the art, not the corpse.

Sammy eagerly lends a hand at her friend’s cafe for the latest artist showcase. Everyone is dying to meet the mysterious new artist in the French Quarter. The very person they yearned to meet becomes the victim no one expected.

Sammy quickly learns the artist’s arrival in town wasn’t as innocent as it seemed. She discovers multiple suspects and motives brewing under the surface.

The longer the case remains unsolved, the worse it becomes for her friends and the cafe. Could another murder be percolating? Can Sammy unveil the truth before the trail and the coffee go cold?

The Witches of the French Quarter


Mardi Gras and Magic

The day Althea buried her mother she learned she was a witch.

When a self-proclaimed witch shows up at her mother’s funeral, she brings more than sympathy for Althea’s loss. Luella insists Althea comes from a long line of witches and that she is the coven’s only hope for survival. While she doesn’t believe Luella, she agrees to visit her family home in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Althea assumed she’d sell the house and move on with her life, but a murder complicates her plans. She is a prime suspect, but she learns she isn’t the only one in her family accused of murder. Her mother left New Orleans after a spell resulted in the death of two witches.

Becoming an amateur sleuth wasn’t part of Althea’s plans, but neither was becoming a witch. Will she accept her magical inheritance so she can discover the truth about her past, and her future? She might not have a choice if she wants to stop a killer.

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