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Bury The Past, the fourth book in The French Quarter Mysteries is out! 

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When the detectives show up in Thibodeaux Mansion’s courtyard, Sammy is relieved they’re not there for her. But to her surprise, they need to see Ruby, her next-door neighbor. Even more shocking, Ruby asks Sammy to come with her to learn if the skeleton unearthed at the Delmar Apartments is Ruby’s missing daughter. As Ruby’s past comes to light, so does Sammy’s with a letter from her brother. 

After the identity of the body is revealed, Sammy needs to find out what really happened twenty-six years ago when two teenagers disappeared without a trace. As if investigating a cold case isn’t hard enough, Sammy also has to face the real possibility that her brother is back in town. If he is, what does he want? Or worse, will he try to kill her again?

A twenty-six year old mystery collides with a modern day one that shakes Sammy to her core. To solve one mystery, she must solve the other. Can she find the evidence she needs to find closure for everyone before the killer buries the past?



The French Quarter Mysteries

The French Quarter Mysteries features West Coast transplant Samantha Richardson settling into her new hometown, New Orleans. Her neighborhood is full of music, food and history as well as interesting people. Join Sammy as she explores the Big Easy by solving the mysteries of the past and present in this new modern, cozy mystery series.


The first book in The French Quarter Series

Looking for her past as well as her future, Samantha Richardson moves to New Orleans. A mysterious key and journal left in her apartment lead her on a fun scavenger hunt around her French Quarter neighborhood. But when she finds a body and more anonymous gifts, Sammy realizes she must find the truth or she'll lose her new friends and possibly her life.

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The second book in The French Quarter Series

With a budding romance, potential career change, and newfound family, Sammy Richardson, now feels at home in the French Quarter.  When one of her best friends is accused of a murder, Sammy needs to discover who is framing them. Is someone following in the footsteps of Marie Laveau? Or are they using the Gates to Guinee ritual to cover up a murder? There are seven gates to reach the afterlife. Can Sammy stop the murderer before they kill again?


The third book in The French Quarter Series

Samantha’s unexpected family reunion should have been full of joy, not ghosts and murder. To prove her innocence, Sammy must investigate a haunted hotel. Can she solve the mysteries of the past and present, to save her future?

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