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The Key to Murder

Book One Samantha thought following a mysterious diary around the French Quarter of New Orleans would be a harmless way to learn about her new hometown until it became about murder.

The Gates to The Afterlife

Book Two Sammy knows the “Gates of Guinee” Voodoo ceremony should lead to the afterlife, not murder. She has seven days to stop a killer from finishing this now deadly ritual.

A Deadly Check-In

Book Three Sammy's family reunion should have been full of joy, not murder. To prove her innocence, she investigates a haunted hotel. Can she solve the mysteries of the past to save her future?

Bury the Past

Book Four Sammy is surprised her neighbor wants her help after a skeleton is discovered. But she’s more surprised when the bones lead her to a murder that’s closer to her home and heart. Can she find the truth before the past is buried again?

The Dead End Tour

Book Five Tour guides recount legends of the creatures of the night, but they’re just stories. That is until Sammy stumbles upon a body with a vampire bite. When the killer won’t stop, Sammy has to find them before they “bite” again. Will Sammy unearth the “vampire” or will it be a dead end?

A Corpse in the Cafe

Book Six The spotlight should have been on the art, not the corpse. Sammy eagerly lends a hand at her friend’s cafe for the latest artist showcase. Everyone is dying to meet the mysterious new artist in the French Quarter. The very person they yearned to meet becomes the victim no one expected.

Happy Homicide

Book Seven Sammy has double the birthdays, double the presents, and double the trouble when an innocent gift reveals a decades-old murder. When she returns an unopened birthday card to its rightful owner, a chilling deathbed confession lands Sammy smack in the middle of this mystery.

The French Quarter Mysteries Box Set 1-3 JPEG

Box Set: Books 1-3 The first three books in the French Quarter Mysteries are available in one ebook. The Key to Murder, The Gates to the Afterlife, and A Deadly Check-In are now in one e-book. It's available on Amazon and in KindleUnlimited. Join Sammy as she solves mysteries of the past and present in her new hometown, New Orleans.

Mardi Gras and Magic Ecover

Book One Join Althea as she learns about witches, vampires, and werewolves. She isn’t sure what to believe, but she does know she’s not a killer and neither was her mother. A trip back to the French Quarter leads Thea on a journey that will hopefully lead to the truth about her past. Unless she’s arrested for murder.

Red Beans and Rituals

Book Two When they said the red beans and rice were to die for, they didn’t mean it literally. Can Thea use her investigating skills and her magic to save her friend, her newfound family, and the French Quarter paranormal community? Or will the killer target her next?

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