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Book One in The French Quarter Mystery Series

Samantha Richardson thought following a mysterious diary around the French Quarter of New Orleans would be a harmless way to learn about her new hometown until it became about murder.


As the newest resident of Thibodeaux Mansion, West Coast transplant Samantha is looking forward to starting her thirties in a new place. Drawn to New Orleans for its music, food and history, she’s excited to start her future in this unique city. But Samantha is also hopeful she’ll find her past since she was adopted from Louisiana after being orphaned in a hurricane as a toddler.


An anonymous diary, unusual key, and a distinctive doll are left in her furnished apartment and her mostly friendly neighbors all deny leaving the gifts. Samantha, now Sammy to her new friends, can’t believe any of them could be a liar. When the diary leads her to a dead body, Sammy needs to find out what these clues mean and what the murderer is trying to tell her.


Although her best friends Sissy and Andrew are happy to help her with this mystery, her other friends aren’t sure the murder and diary are about Sammy. Not wanting to lose her newfound friendships and possible love interest, Sammy decides she must uncover the answers on her own.


Sammy moved to New Orleans looking for a new future, but is it her past that found her first?

The Key to Murder is available on Amazon as an e-book, paperback, hardback and in Kindle Unlimited. It is also now available on Audible.

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Book Two in The French Quarter Mystery Series

Sammy knows the “Gates of Guinee” Voodoo ceremony should lead to the afterlife, not murder.  She has seven days to stop a killer from finishing this now deadly ritual.

Westcoast transplant Samantha Richardson has settled into New Orleans. With a budding romance, potential career change, and newfound family, she feels at home in the French Quarter.

Sammy is drawn into the history of the city’s famous Voodoo queen as she helps her friend, Andrew, with the publication of his new book. Learning about the mysterious ritual Marie Laveau performed to reach the afterlife has Sammy’s attention as well as Andrew’s readers.

The book is sure to be a bestseller until it leads to murder.

With one of her best friends accused of the crime, Sammy needs to discover who is framing them. Is someone following in the footsteps of Marie Laveau? Or are they using the Gates to Guinee ritual to cover up a murder?

There are seven gates to reach the afterlife. Can Sammy stop the murderer before they kill again?